Our company has grown at a steady rate over several years. This has allowed us to give time and effort to each new team member to ensure that they settle in well. Today, TradOnline fields a highly-motivated and well-established team.
Discover our whole team: the directors, the project managers and their personalities.

An open environment
At TradOnline our employees often want to express their ideas and thoughts. An open environment where ideas can be exchanged freely has always been encouraged, and if the company has been able to flourish as it has, it is largely thanks to this culture. The employees not based in the main office visit regularly so they can work with the rest of the team together face-to-face. Of course, at all other times they are in constant contact with each other via video conferencing, telephone,
instant messaging etc, but nothing can replace being together in the same office.

A wide range of interests and skills
The TradOnline team is primarily feminine apart from Eoin who covers sales and marketing, and also our new translator Elliot.
We have all types of personalities in our office, ranging from the sociable extrovert to the perfectionist, web-loving geek, an understanding manager and level-headed project managers in between.


Always there for you

Ready to listen and factor in your needs



An ability to find tailor-made solutions for all situations



A team spirit working with and for our clients

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