TradOnline also offers translation and subtitling services to allow your audiovisual content connect with your international clients.

The process of subtitling has various stages. Our translators will listen and immerse themselves in your video content, making the necessary notes. Then the rest of the team will check that the script corresponds with the content of the video.

Sometimes, in order to maintain the quality of the overall finish, we suggest that our clients revise the script so that the timing stamps correspond accurately.

What are time stamps?
Time stamps are the indicators that allow you to connect every text segment to the corresponding moment in the video. Time stamps simplify the work of the person who goes on to embed the subtitles into the video.

These time indicators are vital for situating the text correctly in the video. Without time stamps unless the person responsible for embedding was of native level in both languages there would be little reference for when to embed the text, and the overall quality would be poor.

What is involved in the translation of subtitles?
Once the goal of our client is established, the translator can get to work. With each translator having been specially selected for their own expertise by our project management team, this ensures that the optimal translation and subsequent subtitles are created.

Usually, audiovisual translators condense the original text by up to 30% so that the subtitles can be read easily. Reading takes more time than listening and without condensing the text the reader would not have time to absorb the information while watching the video.

Our translators make every effort to convey a meaning with local context from the content of your video, to do this we keep in contact with our clients throughout the project. For example if there is a joke or a pun in the original, would you prefer to keep the original phrase or find the local equivalent, these are all things that we consider when working to translate your subtitles.

When the translation of the script has been finalised, we send it back to your team to add the subtitles into the video. If you wish, we can also contract one of our trusted partners to do this for you and remove all the hassle.

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