If, for marketing reasons, you wish to address your foreign clients directly in their native language, you will need voice-overs with appropriate voices to dub your videos.

Translation and dubbing
Translation for the purpose of dubbing is a very specific discipline. Very few translators are really competent in this field.
They need to be not only good translators but also highly imaginative, because to ensure good-quality dubbing, care needs to be taken that the lip movements in the source language match those of the target language. A syllable like “from” should be avoided when the lips are saying “to”, for example.
In addition, the translator has to ensure that the text to be read is as long in the source language as in the target language, to ensure that the speaker in the video has not stopped speaking while the dubbed text is still being read. The result would be laughable! Voice-overs can accelerate or slow down the pace if need be, but it is best to plan this at the translation stage.
Once this stage is complete, we talk to our voice-over partner, so that they can send us samples of voices to submit to you. Each context requires a different voice, and depending on your project, we will choose a female, male, deep, high or neutral voice.
After that, we just need to schedule the recording and deliver the final product to you!

Translation and pre-recorded messages
Voice-overs can also be recorded separately from a video – like most of the pre-recorded messages we hear in railway stations and supermarkets.
TradOnline can also assist you in translating these audio media before the voices are recorded and the audio files delivered.

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