"Back to school" and new beginnings for TradOnline!

Autumn is slowly making its presence felt as summer is slipping away. September is “back to school” month and as kids begin their school year, the TradOnline editorial team is also back to pen fresh blog articles. All sun-tanned and ready to rock, the whole team is excited to bring you the latest in translation news every week.
back to school
September marks new beginnings for TradOnline: new ideas and new project managers, as well as a new start for the project managers who have been away on maternity leave.

Back to school for our blog and our website

Our translation news blog is set to become bilingual! We’re working on translating our material from French to English, for the benefit of our international customers. We don’t want you missing out on our tips and tricks, after all!
We’re also updating our site with new content; as our clients’ needs and expectations change, so do we. One thing stays the same: our aim to bring you peace of mind and ease any of your concerns regarding your translation projects.

New TradOnline recruits

September is also the time for fresh recruits! Camille and Jimmy have joined our team of project managers, in Laval and Nantes respectively. We’ll present them to you in all their glory soon enough.
And last but not least, after hatching our chicks, Aline and yours truly, Agathe, are back with the team, once more happily in touch with our colleagues and our clients.
See you soon for more news!

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