English blog on translation from TradOnline

English blog on translation
As we mentioned in our recent “back to school” article, TradOnline’s team is proud to present its new English blog on translation!
Our client portfolio is very diverse and not few of them are English-speaking. From now on it’s not just our French audience being kept up-to-date, but our international clients as well. Join us as we venture into the world of translation, with plenty of tips for your specific needs, whether it be web translations, complex multilingual projects, less common file types that need attention from our friendly project managers and professional translators.
This blog aims to address issues specifically applicable to English-speaking markets. We will also be translating some of our more popular French articles into English.
And then, if you were wondering who’s behind TradOnline, you will also get a chance to meet our project managers and get a glimpse of daily life here at TradOnline.
Get on it!

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