Do you produce your sales leaflets, catalogues and other sales media with InDesign software? Do you need them translated so that they can be used all over the world? The good news is that InDesign files can easily be translated while preserving the layout of the source file.

Translation of InDesign features and IDML and CAT formats

Many clients send us PDF files to translate. But these are not easy to deal with, mainly because of the unpredictable page layout that results when they are exported into Word.

However, there is a far easier solution for translating InDesign files: saving the file in IDML format directly from the software. Our computer assisted translation (CAT) software can manage this format, and our translators can then translate your documents without any problem.

InDesign file translation and page layout

When your document has been translated, the page layout of the InDesign file is then checked, as the translated words are not necessarily as long/short as in the source language.

If there is no-one in your company who can resize the elements, TradOnline can have this done by one of its computer graphics partners, and you will then receive a file that is ready to use.

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