Interview with Dragan Mestrovic, from BlogAdMonkey

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Dragan Mestrovic, from BlogAdMonkey.

BlogAdMonkey‘s aim is to build a network which is committed to offer great opportunities to bloggers and advertisers.

Trad Online:
Let’s talk first about you, and your work. Please tell us about your business and your industry.

Dragan: I am in sales and marketing since 1992 and in internet marketing since 1997. I work as a creative consultant helping small and mid sized businesses and entrepreneurs to become more successful with their business.
Actually, about 200 million blogs are registered worldwide.
There are 200,000 new blogs registered every day!
I discovered that the growth of the blog sphere is not accompanied by monetizing opportunities for bloggers. Therefore I decided to set up a ‘different’ kind of blog ad network to bring Bloggers and Advertisers together to complement and to profit from each other.
It’s very simple: Advertisers create opportunities that describe the content they are looking to promote. Bloggers then choose opportunities in their area of interest and get paid to blog about that chosen topic.

Trad Online:
 What is your involvement in the international arena? What is your strategy to target markets abroad?

Dragan: I target bloggers and advertisers worldwide, therefore the ad network platform is planned in Spanish, German, Japanese, French and Korean as well.

I am a strong supporter of Inbound Marketing. I like to spread the good name of BlogAdMonkey resulting in attracting more bloggers and advertisers. To achieve this goal I am following the Inbound Marketing principles and I am present in social media to offer valuable information and to be visible for bloggers and potential advertisers.

Trad Online: How do you see the future of your industry?

Dragan: A blog is the first and effective way for a business to get into social media! I recommend, before you do anything, before you start your business, invest your time in marketing, etc. start a blog first!

Blogging is growing by a breath taking speed! Everyday about 200,000 new blogs are registered. About 45% of bloggers actually monetize their blogs.
Most monetize them with Google Adsense. About 15% monetize their blog through specialized blog ad networks. I guess that new bloggers out there even don’t know that there exists something like a blog ad network out there where they can make significant dollars instead of pennies.

Here you can find further valuable information Blogvertising:

Trad Online: Do you find that your industry has been hit by the down turn at all?

Dragan: Because my project is actually not online, I am not hit by the down turn. In my opinion a down turn is no excuse to stop doing anything. Rather advertising in blogs and blogging are powerful ways to achieve your business goals a more sustainable way.

Businesses with a low or no existing customer care level are sorted out quickly and will not survive.

We better should take this actual economical situation as it is. As a great chance!

Trad Online: We work at Trad Online in the translation industry; tell us your vision from outside the industry: what is your perception of translators, translation agencies, etc?

Dragan: This is a good question! This is also a great and important subject during the development of the blog ad network platform, because we are going to translate our platform as well. In my opinion, it is very important that translators are native speakers. Also important is that they have knowledge to translate like marketers and last but not least understand the industry!

Trad Online: Any tips about doing business in your country? (Our readers are from all over the world). Any dos and don’ts?

Dragan: Like for every country, ask for references first!

Trad Online: Now a few questions about another point of interest:  What would you recommend to someone wishing to start a blog? Any tips on “good blogging”?

At first, ask yourself why do you want to blog?
To have the right motivation is essential.
For example, my blog is made as an introduction for the BlogAdMonkey blog ad network, not to make money from ads!
Second, choose your blog platform wisely. I recommend self hosted WordPress. Include the important list Plugin’s. I wrote an article about this, find it here:
Third, become familiar with SEO/ SEM and Internet/ Inbound Marketing. Engage in Social Media. Because no blog is successful which is not promoted!
Fourth, take action and do it!

Trad Online: What made you initially want to start blogging?

Dragan: I have started blogging to introduce the upcoming blog ad network. Furthermore to spread the free information I have in my blog to help others and to build a recognized name to make the market entry for the BlogAdMonkey ad network a little bit easier

Trad Online: What is the future of blogging according to you? What is at stake for companies and the business world?

Dragan: I think the future for blogging will be great. More and more micro and small business discover blogging as a cost effective way to get into interaction with their clients and prospects. This offers great opportunities like direct and honest feedback, lead generation, positioning as experts in their field, and much more.
The bigger companies follow this example a little bit slower but they follow.
Bloggers to make a living of their blogging are on the right way. More and more advertisers will look out for blogs in their niche to spread the word about their products and services. This results in a growing ad sales revenue potential for the blog sphere and the involved bloggers.

Trad Online: How do you tell the world about the existence of your blog? Any tips on how to increase visibility, other than by providing great content to readers?

Dragan: I think this is one of the most important things. Be controversial! Don’t be everybody’s darling, provoke but don’t be insulting!
Furthermore you need to engage in social media and let your targeted niche know that you have valuable information for free. 
VERY IMPORTANT: Become familiar and learn SEO/ SEM and Internet/ Inbound Marketing.

Find more free information about Social Media Marketing here:

Trad Online: Thank you very much Dragan for your time and interesting ideas, and all the best to your business venture!


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