Has your website been translated into several languages? Perhaps the French version has changed, and you are unsure that the contents match? Or was the website translated in-house and you want to check its quality?

A poor translation damages your professional credibility
Having an international website translated into several languages is crucial to growing your business and increasing sales.But if the translation is of poor quality, this will damage your image and may put off potential clients. Don’t lose clients because of an inadequate translation when you can call on TradOnline! TradOnline will check the quality of your translated contents and ensure that they are up to standard for the web users in the countries you want to target.

Checking that contents match in the different versions
Your website is constantly changing in terms of both technology and content, with new products going online every day, new blog articles being written and so on. But are your translated versions keeping pace? Our translators analyse the content of the different versions and ensure that they all match.

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