Since our start in 2008 our ambition has been simple, to offer top quality translation that fits with the time and budget constraints of our clients.
Translation is not a science, and although they may try, a machine is a poor substitute for a real translator. For this reason, human interaction is at the centre of our business. We strive to see the bigger picture and fully satisfy the linguistic needs of every client, sharing with them our expertise and knowledge to enhance the final product.
A successful project is one which satisfies both the clients and the translators, and it is the enthusiasm and dynamism of our motivated team of project managers that are responsible day in day out for ensuring such success and satisfaction.
All this being said, TradOnline would not be TradOnline without our diverse network of translators who contribute to every project we do.

How do we select these translators?

For years, we have worked with translators that we trust, people in which we believe and whom we value for the quality and expertise of their work.
Given that we are growing rapidly we often contract new translators, but they face a tough selection process, to ensure we maintain our high standards. We review their experience on paper, and after selecting those with the most relevant experience, all our translators undergo a translation test. This test ensures that the quality of our translation service is never compromised. We rely on our team every day and are proud to say that we work with the best.

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