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Language services for the Gaming Industry

Our job is to help game developers, platform providers, publishers, operators and
affiliates reach new markets with high-quality translation services.

We localize mobile, desktop, console, browser, computer software and online applications into more than 70 languages. In addition to interface strings, we translate help documentation, marketing texts, and websites.

All translations are done by professional translators who are native speakers and have experience working in the industry. The goal of localization is to create an enjoyable, non-confusing play experience for the end user by paying heed to their specific cultural context while being faithful to the source material.

Our gambling & casino

Translation experts take legal, cultural and business requirements into consideration. We speak the language of the tables and slots but we also talk the talk from a business, regulatory, and fundraising point of view. Our translators are more than just native speakers: they know the gambling industry inside out, and they work to help you achieve your goals.

The iGaming industry is growing at a rapid pace and estimated to rake in a revenue of €24.9 billion within the next decade in Europe alone.

Terminology lies close to the core expertise of our translators. Life is a game after all.

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