If you have an already translated text (whose origin you may or may not know) and you want it to be re-read in order to check its quality before future use, TradOnline offers two solutions.

Proofreading is designed to correct the spelling, grammar, typography (capital letters, punctuation) and syntax (sentence structure) of a document. It is assumed that the original text has been understood and properly translated without misinterpretation, so only needs “tidying up”. Our proofreaders are also translators and have an excellent command of their mother tongue.

Revision, by definition, includes proofreading but is not limited to the “linguistic validity” of the text alone. When a text is revised, it is compared sentence by sentence with the source to check that the translation is, firstly, correct, and, secondly, appropriate regarding any pre-defined terminology and its overall style. Revision is entrusted to translators specialising in the relevant field as well as the specific type of text.
Sometimes it is recommended that a text be re-translated rather than just revised. If it has been poorly translated in the first place, a proofreader cannot change all of it but can only tidy it as much as possible. The resulting style of the text may then end up as a not-so-elegant mix of the original translation and the various changes. In this case, a fresh translation is often a better solution for you in the long run. We will advise you on the best options for your specific project.

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