Whether you need a programme to monitor your translation projects or a more complex tool to facilitate the multilingual management of your company’s translation projects, our Personalised Translation Interface is designed for you.

The issues you face:

  • Do you frequently have low volume projects (the equivalent of 1 to 3 pages in Word) that need translating urgently into one or more languages?
  • Are late deliveries a real problem?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the multilingual management of your translation projects?
  • Do you have exacting requirements in terms of style and translators?
  • Do you have a complex internal validation system?
Then the PTI is ideal for you!
The PTI developed by TradOnline is a highly customisable interface.

The advantages of the PTI developed by TradOnline:

  • Lower translation costs
  • The option of selecting different levels of service (translation with or without review)
  • Time saved in managing multilingual projects
  • Shorter translation deadlines
  • Accredited professional translators paid at their true value
  • Possible grading of translators’ work
  • Project request history
  • Invoice tracking available

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