Paramount to maintaining the image of your company and conveying your message successfully is the correct translation of your marketing texts. A good marketing translation requires not only linguistic competency but also the ability to analyse and adapt the text accordingly.

For some companies marketing texts fall under the bracket of general translation, at TradOnline we believe this is wrong. Marketing becomes a specialist translation because in order to successfully translate your advert, slogan or leaflet wider factors need to be taken into consideration, in this instance word for word does not suffice. The target market, the product itself or the service being offered all need to be considered.

At TradOnline, consistent quality sets us apart.

We recognise the importance of both internal and external marketing and a poor translation could damage the reputation of your company. Internal correctly translated documents allow for efficiency and clarity. External translations are targeting new clients and are fundamental to the future growth of your company. A poor translation is a hindrance on many levels, so don’t take a chance – trust in the proven quality of TradOnline!

Marketing: a specialised field of translation in itself.

TradOnline has a wealth of specialist marketing translators, this ensures that once your documents are translated the same cultural references, humour and idioms are conveyed.
To make certain that we understand all your translation needs, our project managers have created a questionnaire that allows us to explore in depth the individual strategies and aims of each of our clients.

Translation of Slogans.

At TradOnline we specialise in the translation of catchphrases and slogans. The translators who take on these jobs work off a detailed marketing brief and offer up a variety of suggestions, to match your needs. To create your perfect slogan we take into account the following factors (amongst others):

  • Cultural and historical references
  • The impact of public events on collective memory
  • The way in which humour, religion and politics could be received
  • Current colour associations

Our clients trust in us to deliver excellence across their marketing campaigns, which to us are so much more than just a word for word translation. Our translators work to find a natural style that conveys the values of the companies with which we work.

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