Sworn translation, is an official, certified form of translation and a sworn translation proves legal equivalence between the languages. Sworn translators are authorised by governing bodies of their respective countries to translate any formal legal document; it is then stamped to prove authenticity. In addition to sworn translation, TradOnline can also legalise a document for you however, we do not deal with requests for “apostille” (special certificate).

Certified translation

We offer certified translations, available to both individuals and businesses.
For private individuals we frequently translate birth certificates, diplomas and extracts from official records.
For businesses, notarized documents and certificates of incorporation are frequently requested.

When you approach us with a project of this kind, we ask that you give us the specific requirements from the controlling authority. The majority of the time we can work from copies of documents but occasionally some authorities will request that we work from the originals. We suggest verifying these details before approaching us to avoid spending unnecessary time on administration tasks.

Note: that a certified or sworn translation will take more time to complete given that the document also needs to be posted as opposed to being sent by email. Should you wish, we can send a scanned copy of the translated document with the official stamp so that you have a copy prior to the arrival of the hard copy in the post.

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