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Cultural facts from insiders, through the eyes of linguists


A new project from Trad Online's team : 50 contributions from linguists around the world to create the first edition of a collaborative book!

The project


Trad Online


Who we are

A team of enthusiastic professionals at Trad Online, a French language service provider with branches in Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Poland.


What we would like to do

Our goal is to innovate and at the same time learn and have fun. One of our team members had a great idea and we decided to turn this idea into reality. With the help of our community of linguists, we'd like to show to the world what you cannot find on Wikipedia, or in any standard book: cultural facts, insights… all those little (or not so little) "tidbits" that make each country unique.

In this first of its kind edition, we'd like to collect 50 contributions, from 50 countries and from 50 linguists.

Why we need you

Because linguists in their daily work on localization (translation with adaptation to a local culture) are at the very heart of this issue: they understand, collect, and list cultural differences in order to be good at their jobs and find the best translation solution.

We are looking for creative, pro-active and open minded professional linguists willing to promote themselves, their writing skills and some unique features of their country by taking part in this exciting project. Share unknown facts about your country’s society, values, traditions, language, music, cuisine, people, history, etiquette, etc.

How we will promote the book

The book will be promoted on all the major social networks (professional or not, such as LinkedIn, Viadeo, Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). A special category of our blog will be dedicated to this project, and add-ons such as videos, pictures, even sound will be posted, along with consistent additional contents.

The community of readers will also take part in the promotion by informing their contacts.

Your contribution



Make it your project too!

This is a unique opportunity to be part of creating a "crowd-sourced" book project with many others linguists from all over the world. Promote yourself in a great new way! You’ll have your name, surname, email, website and mini-biography clearly stated in the book and on the blog.



By taking part in this project you'll also give your time to the planet, as all profit from sales of this book (on Create Space, an Amazon service) will be donated to Planète Urgence, a French NGO committed to fighting climate change.

Write about…

… anything in the list of cultural topics we created (3 pages maximum). The last item has been kept as “open” in order to let you write about something little known outside the “inner circle of your culture”. Thus, each country chapter will have the same template. This is a basic requirement to maintain consistency throughout the book.

The selection process

  • Fill in the template you receive from our editorial team. For each topic, 10 to 20 lines will be perfect.
  • Send us a copy and we will review it with our editors and send it back to you for validation.
  • You will need to sign our Contract for the Transfer of Patrimonial Rights which allows us to publish your contribution in this collaborative book.
  • Depending on the number of responses we receive, your contribution may instead be used in an alternative collaborative project (which could be a second version of the book or on the book blog).

Join us for this exciting project!  Contact : Linda


[ update : the project is now finished, check our blog Trad Online Books ]

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