TradOnline is looking for English native speakers/translators

services-linguistiques-decouverteTrad Online is looking for English native speakers/translators to partake in the writing of a book !
After its first successful book, « A world in Words » (which you can read about here:, published on Amazon and read by 500+ readers, Trad Online’s team is happy to announce that we are working on a new book project!
The topic of the book is still confidential, let’s just say that we believe it to be fun and informative, and we think it can reach a wide audience of readers, especially as it will be written in English and will thus be able to reach readers all over the world.
As for the last book, Trad Online will take care of publishing and promoting the book online, but the writing and editing will be carried out by a team of professional translators.
We already have a team of 6 co-authors in place as well as several editors and an illustrator.
What to expect during this project:

  • Having fun, while writing with a team of other translators, on a topic directly related to translation,
  • Getting visibility inside the book in the form of a presentation of each co-author, with a link to your website, as well as visibility on our Trad Online Books project,
  • And also receiving a small share of the royalties on the sales of the book. Please note that you should not join this project in order to become a millionaire: there being a team of a dozen co-authors, the amount of royalties paid out is 1/12th of the total Trad Online will pay to participating authors.

To make this project come true, we are looking for more co-authors, so if you have an interest in participating in a book writing project, feel free to contact Mathieu to find out more and potentially joining the team (
Feel free to contact us for any question, comment, inquiry, suggestion, etc.

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