TradOnline meet-up – September 2015

Last week was a special one for TradOnline, as all our teams found themselves in Laval for the whole week. Our Spanish team, our UK manager, as well as our teams from Nantes and Lyon came together in Laval on Monday evening
The week was comprehensive: on Tuesday, we spent the day outdoors, computers and phones forgotten until the evening. We focused on our 2015 turnover and moved on to discussing a whole bunch of projects.
We spent the day at Laval’s golf center. The sun shone brightly but it didn’t get warm enough for what our Spanish team is used to!
The day was also an opportunity for Alice, our sales and marketing manager, to remind us of sales negotiation tactics. Aurélie helped the rest of the team understand more about SEO.
Mathieu presented his new

customisable translation interface.
The rest of the week was devoted to exchanging ideas about good practices, and training sessions for the French and Spanish teams. This week also allowed us to better know each other, and to spend good, fun times together.
Friday evening was party time for TradOnline! We made fond memories dancing and laughing together.
Aurélie, Charlotte and Loïc bid their final adieu to us on that evening, each of them letting life take them on new adventures.

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