Translation projects in Trad Online – Variety is the spice of life!

Nora Berasategui shares with us her experiences of being a  project manager in Trad Online, Spain.

Dear readers, 

I joined the Trad Online team 8 months ago to assist in handling the growing volume of projects in the Spanish branch. My main background was in sales and project management in the certification industry. There are obvious similarities in all project management in general, but so far I found translation projects to have a few specificities of their own.

Firstly, each of them is different and so is each new client. Unlike in my previous work experience, you never know what industry your next client and project will come from. Understanding what each client needs and sourcing the best candidates for the job is exciting and interesting in itself.

Secondly, because jobs vary a lot in file format, deadline, volume, language(s), etc., you cannot really follow the same exact procedure again and again. This is perhaps what I like best about translation project management: you have to adapt constantly and provide almost tailor-made solutions for your clients.

Finally, clients’ priorities are almost always time and cost. This can make some projects quite high-pressure at times, but this is what gets our creative juices get flowing, right?

All in all, the experience has been very rewarding so far. We have a great team across different countries, always very supportive and full of useful advice and shared resources. This is a specific selling point for us and one of the reasons why our growth expectations are quite optimistic for 2012.

I look forward to sharing ideas and experiences with you guys – just send any questions you have and I will be happy to exchange ideas with you.

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