Do you want to translate your content into one or more languages, but the translation industry is completely alien to you and you have no idea of the current rates or even how they are calculated?

To better understand translation rates, it is important to recognise the different people involved in your translation project: the client (you), the translation agency (us) and the translator(s).
How are translation rates calculated?

Translation rates depend on several factors:

The source and target languages — the source language is the original language of the content you want translated. The target language is the language into which you want your content translated.
It is less expensive to translate from English into French than from Latvian into Chinese.
The deadline — for the following morning or in a month’s time?
In general, one translator = 2,000 words per day

The nature of the content
The nature of the translation project — For example, translating a Word document of 5,000 words is easier than translating 100 HTML files each with 50 words. In the same way, a translation done directly online on a CMS means a quicker turnaround for our clients by removing the extraction and reintegration stages (and also means fewer errors), but will take more time for the project manager and translators.

The number of words to translate and whether the content is repetitive.
The rates offered, as you would expect, are based on the overall number of words to be translated. This is because the project management costs (time for planning, translation, proofreading and invoicing) will be different for different volumes.
The translation costs will also not be the same if you translate content from French into English, from French into German or from Spanish into Chinese. In the same way, costs will be lower for general content and higher for a legal contract. Prices also reflect whether you want 300 words translated within an hour or 20,000 words every month, and if you send us a complicated Indesign file or a simple Word document.

Each project is therefore reviewed by our project managers before starting, so that you receive a fair and appropriate quote. Many clients ask our professional advice on how to best optimise the process, in order to maximise their investment. Feel free do to the same!

A fair price for a high-quality translation

Thanks to our quality-price ratios, you are guaranteed a quality service at the best price.
There is always a need for translation: either to move forward (expand internationally, sign a business contract, etc.) or to defend yourself (legal trial abroad, etc.).

The appropriate investment may be linked to the size or the stakes involved. Have your objective in mind and identify the risks. Calculate the time you and your team spent creating and writing your content in the original language. Put yourself in the shoes of your foreign visitor who will decide whether or not to use your services after reading your sales pitch. Calculate the translation cost for a product page/description of your product compared to the potential ROI. Calculate the impact of a bad translation on your company’s image…

Ask for a quote!

Let our friendly project managers take care of your translation needs!

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