In this day and age, every company has an online presence. Web pages are an invaluable tool for extending the reach of your business, and enable you to connect with new clients, partners and collaborators.

Both the content and the design of your web page reflect the image and presence of your business. Often it is the first port of contact that your clients will have and so it is vital that the impression is a good one. Don´t let a poorly translated website damage your opportunities.

Without limits
We translate all types of web sites: information pages, multilingual blogs, online shopping sites with more than 10,000 products. Our project managers are experts in handling all types of translation task.

The importance of multilingual SEO
It is important not only to translate your website but also to ensure that your clients can find you in the world wide web, and this is where Search Engine Optimisation needs to be considered. Most importantly, the need to think “multilingual SEO”.

The technical bit.
To ensure the best possible translation of your online site, we are there every step of the way to help guide you with the technical decisions. Things such as:

  • How to revise your original texts to ensure ease for future translations as well as optimal costs
  • How to optimize your site for the different search engines of each country
  • What format is best to use in order to optimize the translation

As always at TradOnline we only use specialised native translators with experience in the required field, to ensure that the translation of your website achieves the best possible results.

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